FSK Advisory works to empower your business with the right people for the right job.

We are a HR Consultancy Firm specializing in the contracting and recruitment of executives in both the private and public sectors across Asia Pacific.

With a team of professionals garnering over 20 years of experience in the industry, our services take a holistic and highly personalized approach to understanding the needs and wants of both our clients and candidates.

Specializing in the placement of qualified and skilled professionals from mid to C-level management, we believe in providing quality in the workforce. Through an aggregated approach in assessing the wants and needs of both parties, we are able to guarantee a symbiotic work relationship between our clients and our candidates.

For clients, FSK Advisory works to understand your:

  • Nature of Business
  • Work Environment
  • Skill Requirements
  • Organisational preference

For candidates, FSK Advisory learns more about you and what you’re looking for, in terms of:

  • Character & Personalities Referencing
  • Capabilities Evaluation
  • Cultural Fit
  • Organisational preference

We are able to tap into a vast network across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, both on a local and global scale.

With many years of knowledge and experience embodied in our team of assembled consultants, we understand the importance of the relationship between employer and employee.

We work towards being the bridge between employer and employee in order to create a cohesive work environment.


We at FSK Advisory pride ourselves on our ability to create the bridge to connect the right employees to the right employers in any industry.

Our principal services include:

  • Talent Recruitment
  • International Search
  • HR Consultation
  • Executive Search Placements

We believe in providing your business with the optimum candidate(s). In fact, we insist you only pay for successful hires through us. It doesn’t matter where you’re situated at on the world map, FSK Advisory is well equipped to meet your varied needs.


The importance and demand to stay competitive and cost effective is rising rapidly due to the current modernized market. At FSK Advisory, we have developed our own methods to ensure that both our clients and candidates can stay ahead of the game.

  • Understanding Clients’ Wants & Needs
  • Mapping Talents
  • Reliable Methodology
  • Seamless Delivery

We aid in the consistent and continual development and growth of talents to help them realize their maximum potential while meeting the expectations of our clients to see both tangible and intangible results. We understand that time is of the essence, especially when it comes to running a business. Hence, through our carefully crafted procedures, we ensure the recruitment transition to be smooth and efficient.

HR VOTY Gold Award